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Symmetry News for 2013 and 2014
Despite limited showing, Dakota finished her AKC Championship in 2013.  Now we've been focusing on obedience and agility... and a new sport, Nosework!

Champion Dakota!
Dakota finished her AKC Championship in May 2013, owmer -handled as always by Ronnie or Barb. She is now Ch Calypso's Get Me Outta Dodge, CGC

Teddy rocks it in Obedience!

Barb and Teddy have gone back in the ring for Obedience this summer!  We showed in Obedience and Rally at the Oklahoma City shows June 21- 23, 2013.  Out of 5 attempts, we qualified all 5 times and had 4 class placements!  Teddy finished his CD in Obedience, and in Rally he finished his Advanced title and got two "legs" (qualifying scores) toward his Excellent title. He is now Ch Symmetry's Make Vrroom For Daddy, CD, RA, NAJ, NF.

I don't have a working photo from those shows, so this picture of us in Obedience is from fall 2012.  Teddy does a lovely job of heeling!

Dakota gets her Novice Agility titles!

In just a few weekends of showing in the first half of 2014, Dakota has finished her Novice Jumpers and Novice Standard (preferred) titles in Agility, and has 1 leg toward her Open Jumpers title!  She is now Ch Calypso's Get Me Outta Dodge, NAP, NJP CGC

Teddy's Rally Advanced Excellent!

March 2014: At 8 1/2 years old, Teddy has finished his Rally Advanced Excellent title in Rally obedience!  This title requires qualifying scores from both the Rally Advanced B class, AND the Rally Excellent B class, at 10 different Rally trials.  Teddy got all 10 legs in 10 tries!  He is now Ch Symmetry's Make Vrroom For Daddy, CD, RAE, NAJ, NF.

Again, I didn't have a photo so this one is also from a trial in 2012.

Use your Nose!

Barb has become very interested in a new sport called Canine Nosework.

Based loosely on the methods used to teach dogs to sniff out drugs or explosives, this event trains dogs to find certain essential oils.  They may be asked to search objects like boxes, or the exterior of vehicles, or a variety of spaces both indoors and out.  It's great fun, and is suitable for all dogs of all ages.  It's especially great for older dogs because there is no impact, no real physical stress.  The dogs work at their own pace.  I've started doing this with Teddy since he's been retired from Agility, and he loves it!

For more information: NACSW or K9 Nosework or UKC Nosework

Best in Show Veteran for Topper!!

Things have been pretty quiet around here in 2015 since our crew has been getting older.  They have been doing well though - Barb is still enjoying agility with Dakota.  Teddy is still enjoying nosework.  And Topper?  Ronnie has been enjoying showing her as a Veteran.  In July 2014, in Oklahoma City she went Best Veteran in Show and then the next day won Select Bitch over several other specials.  And in 2015, just a few weeks befor turning 10 she defended her BIS Veteran title!!  We are so thrilled that our veteran Danes have stayed healthy, sound and happy.  Keeping them active is a big part of the "secret"!