Memorial - Dakota

Ch Calypso's Get Me Out of Dodge, RN, NAP, NJP

7/22/2009 - 7/15/20

She was one of the very sweetest Danes we have ever had.  She was playful and sassy up to the end, never hesitating to bark at us if she wanted something and we weren't moving fast enough!  We miss her so much!

She was Kinsey's granddaughter, sired by a dog we bred named Keeper.  That also makes her a niece to Teddy and Topper.

Dakota finished her AKC championship owner-handled, and is now showing in Agility and training for Obedience and Rally.

Dakota's pedigree: (you can find more information here)

               Ch. Jonor's Golden Hammer, CD, RE (Hammer)

Sire: Ch. Symmetry's No Vrroom At the Inn, CD, RE (Keeper)

              Ch. Calypso's Vrroom With A View, RN, NA, AXJ, NF (Kinsey)


             Ch. Turbo's Mr. Bigstuff V Holle (Yeager)

Dam: Ch. Calypso's Born to Hand Jive (Jazz)

             Ch. Jonor's Full Throttle To Calypso (Cami)

 UPDATE: June 2014 - We've gotten Dakota's health testing done.  Her Hips are rated Good, her Elbows and Thyroid are Normal.  However, to our surprise she has a small cataract and a heart murmur!  Neither defect should affect her personally, but THIS IS WHY YOU HAVE TO DO THE ACTUAL HEALTH TESTING.  A normal physical by a vet would probably not discover either of these conditions.  And although they are slight, we have decided not to breed her since there is a risk that the problem could appear (maybe more severe) in her offspring.

You can see her OFA results here

Update: Dear Dakota lived to be almost 11 years old, and had to be put to sleep due to an injury.  Fortunately, neither the cataract nor the heart murmur ever got worse, or affected her vision or her activity tolerance.

Meet Dakota!
Here she is at about 8 weeks old, shortly after we brought her home.  I love that face!
A little help here?
One of her first goals was getting on the couch.  Here she is at 10 weeks - can't quite make it yet!!
The Line-Up
Dakota (here about 12 weeks old), Kinsey, Teddy and Topper look over the top of a baby gate.  We use baby gates a lot to limit the dogs to a certain part of the house.  In this instance, a repairman was here to service the AC and this keeps the dogs from "helping" him
Growing Up!
Here she is at 14 weeks.
First Show, First Win!

Feb 6, 2010 - at her very first show, and just a couple weeks past the minimum age of 6 months, Dakota WON!!  She went Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for her first point at the Southeast Arkansas Kennel Club!  What a good girl!

Her father, "Keeper" went Best of Breed that same day.  So we got this fun picture of them together.  Ronnie handled them both in their classes, but our good friend Jennifer Bell took Dakota in for BOB (winning Best of Winners) while Ronnie was showing Keeper.  Jennifer is holding Dakota here.

First Major!
2011, Oklahoma City - handled by Barb!
Champion Dakota!
Dakota finished her AKC Championship in May 2013 with very limited showing.  Always owner-handled either by Ronnie or Barb!
At the GDCA 2012 National

Starting her Agility career!

Dakota gets her Novice Agility titles!

In the first few months of 2014 Dakota finished her Novice Jumpers preferred, and Novice Agility preferred titles.  As of this writing she has one leg toward her Open Jumpers title already.

We are showing her in Preferred in AKC - this division allows dogs to jump slightly lower jump heights.  Dakota has no trouble jumping higher - but recent experience among competitors and trainers of Giant breed dogs indicates that using lower jump heights may help avoid injury, and keep the dogs sound longer.  It seems like a reasonable precaution to us!