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CH Symmetry's Horton Hears A Boo

This sweet boy is Ellie's son, by Boudreaux.  He was born here on Oct 19, 2021 - one of TWELVE!!!  Horton (previously known as "blue collar boy") caught our hearts and our eyes early on.


KBHVO2/DKCH/NORDCH/INTCH Diplomatic's Umberto Di Visconti "Holger"

             GCH Southern Star Norse God Odin at Valhalla "Odin"

                       GCH Dar-Lin's Tip of the Shadow "Minnie"

Sire: BISS GCHG Sasmac N Vztop Louisiana Bayou Boy "Boudreaux"

                       CH Vztop's Medal of Honor

             GCH Vztop Sasmac Double Pleasure

                       Vztop's Easter Sunrise


                       CH Diamond Danes Hot Off The Press "Preston"

             GCH Danemark's Sergeant At Arms "Gunnie"

                       GCH Danemark's Princess Cameo RN, BN "Cameo"

Dam: GCH Magazu N Danemark's Queen of Symmetry BCAT  "Ellie"

                        CH Danemark's Diamond Cartier v Aldawn "Carter"

             GCH Danemark N Daynakin's Fannie May "Hazel"

                         CH Danemark N Jaya's Sweet Expectation BN, RA "Reese"


Horton has really been a "dream come true" kind of dog.  In just 5 show weekends - a few days after he turned 9 months old - he finished his AKC Championship from the Bred-By classes, always owner-handled by Ronnie.

Abilene, TX - May 2022: His first show weekend at barely 7 months old.  He went Reserve Winners Dog the very first day, then on Sunday under judge Eric Liebes went Winners Dog/Best Opposite Sex (to his mom!!) for his first two points.

Monroe, LA - May 2022: At his second show weekend, he went Winners Dog twice for two 4 point majors under judges Nancy Hafner and John Wade!

Oklahoma City - July 2022: no points, but went Reserve Winners Dog under Robert Vandiver, and then won Best in Sweepstakes under Linda Clark.

Dallas - July 2022: Winners Dog/Best of Winners under judge Paula Nykiel for his third major, getting 3 more points toward his Championship.  He just needs 2 more points!!

Houston - July 2022: Winners Dog/Best of Winners under judge Pat Sosa for his last 2 points!! He's a Champion, just a few days after he turned 9 months old! To say we are excited is such an understatement.  He finished always owner handled by Ronnie, and all from the Bred-By classes!

3 weeks old - Horton was the dark blue collar boy

5.5 weeks old

8 weeks

10 weeks - lap dog in training!!

Horton enjoys the Olympics

Horton also enjoys ice cream!

... he also enjoys mud!!

He enjoys meeting other puppies

He apparently enjoys sitting on little kids!

At the beach with his sister and some friends

First points!! His mom Ellie is on the left.

His first major!! 7 months old

Best in Sweepstakes! 8 months old

His third major! 8 months old

New CH Horton!! Just turned 9 months old.

10 months old - growing up nicely!

Horton loves going to the vet! (she invited him to jump up)